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If you don’t know the difference between standard ad delivery and accelerated ad delivery, you may end up losing all your budget within the 1st quarter of the day or false ads testing result.


I’m telling you the reason but before that you must have clear idea on Facebook Ads Pacing system.

What is Facebook Pacing?

Pacing gives us the flexibility to get you the best available results for your goals. Facebook adjusts your bid (or which auctions your ad enters) based on how much budget and time are left for your ad set.

Similarly, the system algorithm may increase how much budget it spends if there’s an opportunity to get many optimization events with costs aligned with your bid strategy. Fb may also decrease how much budget it spend if there are few available optimization events with costs aligned with your bid strategy.

( https://benwillads.com/how-fb-ads-work/ )

Simple we can say, facebook wants to know if you want to finish your budget as quickly as possible or you want it to run all the day long.

How pacing works?

By default, facebook algo shows your ads to people in your target audience evenly throughout the day across Facebook, Instagram, and other communities. It does this so that it can serve your ad to valuable people throughout your campaign lifetime rather than exhaust your budget within a few hours.

Facebook ad pacing

The picture shows when spending too fast the ad system reduce the bid and when spending too slowly it increases the bid.

And the middle line refers to the optimal bidding strategy where the spending is perfectly fine.

What is Standard Ad Delivery?

Standard delivery is designed to spend your budget evenly over the duration of the campaign using a method called “discount pacing.” Under this method, facebook essentially lower your bid to a level that will just spend your budget over the campaign duration so that you can capture more opportunities at more efficient costs.

Total budget to spend = $10
Advertiser value per click = $5
Total value: clicks x $5 = $35

The ad runs whole day

What is Accelerated Ad Delivery?

Accelerated delivery spends budget as quickly as possible by entering every opportunity under your bid cap into the auction. This favors quick spend over maintaining your cost per result. With accelerated delivery, it is possible to exhaust your budget before your scheduled campaign ends. Advertisers with bigger budgets who want to reach people quickly or with time-sensitive campaigns should consider using accelerated delivery.


Total budget to spend = $10
Advertiser value per click = $5
Total value: clicks x $5 = $30

Notice in the graph below that the delivery takes place during the first part of the day, even if the cost is more expensive.

Accelerated fb ad delivery graph

Strategy to choose…

As we don’t want to spend our budget in the middle of the day, we shouldn’t select accelerated ad delivery.

Standard delivery ad system in our first choice in most of the cases.

But still you can’t ignore the importance of accelerated delivery option. It is very helpful when you test lots of ads at single time. Again if you want to increase your sales at certain time of the day or want to target a particular time period of the day (e.g lunch hours), you have to choose accelerated ad delivery.

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