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Rank is one of the best SEO plugin to optimize your website. You can check full rank math tutorial here.

1. Go to Rank Math Webmaster Tool Section

– Click on Rank Math in WordPress Dashboard.- Click on General Settings tab- Click on Webmaster Tool tab

2. Go to Google Search Console

– Click on search console verification page link

It will take you to the google webmaster page.

3. Generate HTML Verification Code

– Click on Alternative methods. Here you’ll see 4 different method to verify ownership.- Click on HTML tag to get the code.- Copy the code.

4. Save the Code in Rank Math

– Paste the verification code in rank math’s google search console bar. – Save it.

Now rank math automatically insert the code in your theme’s header section.

5. Verify the property

Now go back to google search console tab and click on Verify.

Congratulations! You have successfully verified your website ownership using rank math seo plugin.

To learn more about verification options visit google support center.

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