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Getting the first paying SEO client is HARD but scaling the agency is HARDER

Remember the days when you were having trouble to get your first SEO client? Now it may seems even harder to scale your agency. Here are few factors that may stopping you from growing your agency:
  1. 1
    Need of Well Developed Project Management System: SEO service is not a "single service". It is the aggregation of hundreds or more small services. You need to provide Website Audit, Keyword Research, Content Developments (including articles, video, audio etc.), On Page Optimization (including SILO, schema, image optimization etc.), Off Page Optimization (including outreaching, guest posting, citations etc.) and many other services....So you must have a well tested system in order provide these services smoothly.
  2. 2
    Time and Cost Increases: If you want to build in-house team, your cost increases tremendously. Besides, you have to spend extra time to train up your team.
  3. 3
    Hard to Find Trustworthy Freelancers + Time Zone Mismatch: It might take years to find skilled and trustworthy freelencers for your agency. Even if you find one, it is often difficult to get them worked on your time zone and to keep them for a long time.
  4. 4
    Lack of Industry Expertise: You might be an expert in Home Improvement niche but what about Real Estate or Finance niche? It might takes years to understand a new niche and develop a "well tested" strategy to the dominate competition.
  5. 5
    Backlinks: Undoubtedly backlink is still the most powerful ranking factor. Without proper backlinking strategy you'll end up penalizing your website. Even if you have the best link building strategy, it is often hard to find the right persons to execute the jobs according to your plan.

Grow Your SEO Agency 3X Faster ????

You make the deal,

We'll  take care of the rest...

We are the group of professionals come together to solve the most common problems of SEO agencies.

  • Smooth SEO project management setup
  • Highly skilled and trained VAs
  • Safe backlinking strategy
  • Advanced On Page optimization
  • Cost optimized
  • White label reporting

Trusted by 100+ SEO Agency Owners... 

Our services are tested and reviewed by the top SEO agencies.

Always a pleasure to work with, great communicator and will continue to be my "go to" for SEO services.

- Jason Kimler

Even when you watch Netflix, you can keep your campaigns running...

We offer complete search engine optimization services

Website Audit

We follow Ahrefs 16-Step SEO audit process to boost your ranking in Google SERP. This audit report is highly recommendable for aged websites with lots of content.

✅ Check for BIG issues (that may be holding your site back)

✅ Uncover easy-to-fix on-site problems

✅ Analyze organic search traffic (and find low-hanging opportunities)

✅ Backlink analysis (VERY important!)

✅ Content audit AND “content gap” analysis

Competition Analysis

Our competitor analysis report removes the guess work. Instead of guessing which keywords to target, content to create, or links to build, you can instantly see what's already working for others, and build upon that success. Thanks to Ahrefs and SEMrush for making our life easy.

✅ Find true SEO Competitors

✅ Keyword gap analysis

✅ Top content analysis

✅ Link gap analysis

✅ Google SERP analysis

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the base of SEO. We don't target keywords just based on Ahref, Moz or SEMrush information. We do a lot of testing before finalizing our target keywords.

✅ Use of powerful premium tools.

✅ Manual filtering to identify the most profitable keywords.

✅ Deliver 3 categories of keywords (Money, Attention and Discover).

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the process of ensuring that a website meets the technical requirements of modern search engines with the goal of improved organic rankings. We have specialist to identify and fix technical SEO problems.

✅ Crawling and indexing

✅ XML sitemaps

✅ Duplicate content

✅ Structured data

✅ Robot.txt

✅ Lots more

On Page SEO

Our team is highly specialized in On Page Optimization. In some cases, we started to get ranking just after implementing our On Page SEO strategy. We provide all basic On Page Optimization service along with following advance optimization services: 


✅ Schema 

✅ Page speed optimization

✅ Image optimization

Off Page SEO

We provide completely safe backlinking strategies. Depending on your budget and preference we prepare monthly link building calendar. Our services are:

✅ Guest posting

✅ Link outreaching

✅ Reverse Engineer your competitor’s backlinks

✅ Broken link building

✅ Foundational backlinks

✅ Citations

✅ Tier 2 PBNs

✅ Tier 3 GSA links

GMB Optimization

We use full white hat method to optimize your Google My Business profile to avoid account suspension and provide you penalty proof 3 pack ranking. 

✅ Complete GMB Optimization 

✅ No black hat.

White Label Reporting

The report will contain your company name and logo. We are working on Google Data Studio to provide interactive instant reporting. 

✅ Free rank tracking

✅ Monthly reporting

Yep... it actually works!

Rankings with solid on page strategy and minimal backlinking efforts

45% map view increased in 1 month

Dominate Ranking in Highly Competitive Niche

Example of our guest post website


You might be addicted to Netflix after purchasing our white label SEO service

3 Simple Steps To Turn Your SEO Agency Into The Next Level!


Request for a quote / setup a meeting

At first either you can ask for a quotation or schedule a zoom meeting to discuss about your project in details. You can ask for complete SEO service or a single service (Keyword Research Service, On Page SEO Service, Link Building Service or others)


strategy approval

We'll develop a SEO strategy and monthly calendar to execute the plan. We won't proceed forward until you approve the plan. 

(Step two is required only for complete SEO service)


project execution

As soon as you approve our strategy, we'll get our team to start working on your projects.


100% Traffic Increase Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Traffic Increase-Guarantee. If you don't see traffic increase in 180 days after purchasing our Complete White Label SEO Service, just let us know and we'll send you a complete refund.

Paul Gomes

Paul Gomes //  CEO

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the page, here's the deal:

My name is Paul Gomes, I'm a SEO and Sales Funnel expert. I have over 5 years of experience in developing and implementing SEO strategies for both national and local businesses.

I grew my agency from the scratch with the help of my local VA team. I know all the struggles and obstacles to grow an agency.

I brought complete SEO solution in the market aiming to solve the most common SEO agency problems such as hiring VAs, sourcing backlinks, monthly reporting, cost optimization and project management.

You can try our service at just $399 (sometimes you pay more than that just for a link). There is no monthly commitment. You can cancel our service any time if we fail to meet your target. 

Paul Gomes



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